This year's top back to school haircuts revealed

It's the time of year when the school gates open and youngsters flock back to the classroom. But there's no time for the back to school blues when it comes to getting ready for those first days.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 7th September 2018, 3:12 pm
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 3:16 pm
Little boy on a haircut in the barber sits on a chair.
Little boy on a haircut in the barber sits on a chair.

New backpacks have been purchased and smart stationary is brimming from pencil cases – but what about your child’s hair? When it comes to going back to school, that doesn’t have to mean back to boring.

From fashionable haircuts to styles easy to recreate at home, stylists at national hair salon chain Supercuts’ have shared their best hair suggestions to make sure that going back to school is an extra stylish experience.

One length haircuts

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This low maintenance haircut is perfect for busy-bees. Stylists simply cut the hair to the same length at the point where the hair naturally falls from the forehead. Brilliant for all lengths of hair, it can make fine hair look fuller and sleeker. It’s also easy to style on busy mornings!

Box bobs

A very blunt and sharp cut, the box bob frames the face beautifully. It can be above, on, or below the jawline depending on how bold your child wants the style to look. Pop ‘IT Girl’ Dua Lipa’s bob is a great example of a bob worn well; textured with a wavy and choppy finish this is a soft look but frames the face perfectly. We’ve heard lots of youngsters requesting the Dua Lipa hair style this year!

Peaky Blinders inspired short back and sides

A Thomas Shelby inspired hairstyle is sure to make a statement. With a shaved back and sides and two or three inches of hair left on top that can be styled into a sweeping and textured fringe, your mini peaky blinder will definitely be too cool for school. This look is super popular with boys and is easy to style on the run.

Rapunzel hair

All that is needed for this style is very long hair. Make sure the hair still gets regular cuts though to get rid of any split ends though. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try putting it in a 5-strand braid, perhaps with flower clips, to fully rock the Rapunzel look.

Side braids

Another princess style that those with long hair will love. The classic side braid begins with a thick French plait that starts from the front of one side of the head and trails down to below the ear on the other side. A very pretty and elegant hairstyle that will leave the other kids in awe. This is perfect for when your little one has a busy day ahead out and about.

JoJo bows

If your child dreams of being JoJo Siwa, big hair bow and all, then this hair bow style is a great alternative to buying the bows themselves. In very simple terms, this hairstyle is just a fancy looped bun and easier to do than it sounds. Long hair makes this hairstyle much easier to create as it requires a large looped bun and using the ponytail end to wrap over and around the loops. You’ll need to be stocked up on bobby pins for this one though, or head in salon for a helping hand. Get your Supercuts hairstylist to demonstrate and see if you can recreate it at home.

Half-up and half-down

There are many different ways to create this style, but here are the easiest ones to do in the morning before school. The simple half-up ponytail is as delicate and cute as it is easy. Just scrape back a small part of the front of the hair and tie in a ponytail. If you want to add some extra elegance to the half-up ponytail, rather than scraping part of the hair back, create two plaits at the front of the fair on either side and tie behind the head. This looks like a crown of plaits and is beautiful in its simplicity. If you want to challenge yourself, combine the half-up half down style with the hair bow idea and create a half-up hair bow.


Here are some easy ways to curl your child’s hair. One technique you can do in the morning and two you can do the night before. In the morning, tie up the hair into a ponytail. Split the ponytail into sections and curl each section with tongs. Then remove the hair tie and you’re ready to go! The night before, either French plait the hair or put in foam rollers. All your child needs to do then is sleep and they’ll wake up with lovely curly hair. These last two techniques are ideal for children as they require no heat and therefore cause no hair damage.

Top knot

The top knot is a super cute, but simple style to create. Put the hair into a high ponytail and split into two sections. Wrap the two sections around each other and then wrap this around the hair tie. Pin it in place and it’s ready for the school run. To add more volume and texture to the look, merely backcomb the hair and miss out the wrap around steps.

Try out any of these styles to make a stylish entrance on the first day of school.