This is how many times pest controllers have been called out to deal with rats in Chesterfield

Photo of a rat for illustrative purposes.
Photo of a rat for illustrative purposes.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed how many times pest controllers were called out to deal with rats over a three year period in Chesterfield.

Chesterfield Borough Council rat catchers were called out 2,869 times between between January 2016 and February 2019.

The authority were unable to provide information on which areas of the town were worst affected during that timeframe, but have issued the following advice to any residents affected by rats:

1) Remove all sources of food from their garden (e.g. pick up fallen fruit from trees and bushes, compost heaps, bird feeders/tables etc.).

2) Keep gardens neat and tidy (remove harbourage such as rolled up carpets, sofas, piles of wood, or anything that could provide shelter).

3) Put domestic waste in the appropriate wheelie bin/remove from property; don’t store in garden, shed or garage.

repair drainage faults/broken drain pipes/damaged manhole covers etc..

4) Pest proof properties, fill in holes/gaps to prevent access into properties.

5) If you have birds and animals such as chickens or rabbits, clean out regularly, pest proof their coops and cages, and keep all food stuffs inside.

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