Talented Kiran hits the street

Supermodel and actor Kiran Rai took to the streets of '¨Ilkeston in a bid to scout local talent.

He was on the hunt for young artists to blog about and to help them on their path to stardom.

Kiran, who also works as a broadcaster and talent agent, said: “I was excited to be in Ilkeston. It was amazing to look for talent here.

“I think being 24 years old now and having gained lots of experience, I don’t feel like I have to prove anything anymore.

“I simply just have to do the best I can and help people.

“I really enjoyed the day. It was exciting and fun to talk to new people. I am so lucky to be in a position to help people. I think me being Indian helps me show people that regardless of background or colour, what you can achieve often relies on hard work.”

The star, originally from Nottingham, was also in town to promote the recently-launched online fashion magazine ‘King and Queen’.

It was launched a month ago and the first cover shoot was done alongside Miss England Natasha Hemmings.

Once a week there will be live blogs from King and Queen which will include a variety of top stories across the world and exclusive interviews

Kiran is also hoping that all artists and young talent will submit blogs to the site in a bid to help promote the work of others.

For more information, visit http://kraibhatia.wix.com/kingsandqueens#!our-story/nbiaf.