STAMP IT OUT CAMPAIGN: Let’s crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Many people are concerned about anti-social behaviour in Chesterfield.
Many people are concerned about anti-social behaviour in Chesterfield.

This week the Derbyshire Times launches our Stamp It Out campaign – in a bid to help crackdown on the yobs, louts and nuisance behaviour which can make our lives a misery.

It aims to:

Our Stamp It Out campaign logo.

Our Stamp It Out campaign logo.

• Raise awareness of the corrosive effects of anti-social behaviour in our communities

• Explore the causes and highlight what is being done to tackle the problem

• Urge people not to engage in the crime

• Call on residents to play their part by reporting it

Over the last year, we have repeatedly reported on residents’ concerns about loutish conduct in a number of locations in Chesterfield, including outside the Crooked Spire, the area around the town hall and along New Beetwell Street.

And a recent Derbyshire Times’ online poll revealed 70 per cent of respondents said they felt unsafe in Chesterfield town centre.

Phil Bramley, editor of the Derbyshire Times, said: “We live in a fantastic place which has relatively low levels of crime – but the selfish, moronic, actions of a very few people can easily ruin that.

“Everyone can play their part in battling this problem – and I’d urge everyone to join us helping to stamp out anti-social behaviour.”

Sergeant Dave Nicholls, the man in charge of the team which polices Chesterfield town centre, told the Derbyshire Times earlier this year: “In my view, anti-social behaviour is not out of control in the town centre.”

• You can report anti-social behaviour to Derbyshire police by calling 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.