Residents worried after 'serious' police incident in Derbyshire town

Residents told of their concerns as police carried out investigations into ‘a serious incident’ in Killamarsh.

Sunday, 19th September 2021, 5:27 pm

White suited police forensic investigators could be seen going in and out of the grounds of a property on Chandos Crescent, after officers arrived early this morning.

A blue tent had been erected by officers in the front garden.

Officers had by this afternoon sealed off a large area of the village. It included the whole of Chandos Crescent, as well an area of public green space at the end of Baker Drive, which lies between the two streets.

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Police at Chandos Crescent, Killamarsh after a 'serious incident'

Police cars and blue police tape sealed off the area, with marked patrol cars parked across the road junctions. Uniformed officers stood along a footpath which runs alongside the green space.

Also sealed off and guarded by a lone officer, was an alleyway which runs from Sheepcote Road’s junction with Delves Road, to Orchard Place.

One resident, on Baker Drive, said that the rumour around the village was that there had been a murder. Police have not confirmed this.

He said officers had arrived on his street at around 8am, and taped off the green space at the end of his street.

Police tape at the end of Baker Drive, Killamarch, after 'serious inident'

He said earlier in the day, there had been a blue tent put up next to a tree. But that had been removed by 2pm.

"My friend rang up at 8.45am. He said an ambulance had turned up and gone away with its blue lights on.”

Paul Rutherford, of nearby Sheepcote Road, said: “I saw a police car going past with its blue lights on early this morning. I assumed it was chasing a car, which sometimes happens. Then it stopped outside. But I hadn’t heard anything happening before that.

"It is usually quiet around here, although there was a stabbing in the village a few months ago. It is alarming to see a police presence like this so close to home.”

Police at Chandos Crescent, Killamarsh after a 'serious incident'

Alan Nelson, also from Sheepcote Road, said the couple who lived in the house which appeared to be at the centre of the police activity had only moved there recently.

He said: “They’ve only lived their a couple of weeks. I’ve said hello to them when I’ve been walking my dogs.

“They’re not very old, probably in their 20s or 30s. There were some kids there yesterday as well, but I don’t think they live there.

"The man was holding a table top sale, and seemed to be selling things on the corner. They’ve not really been here long enough to get to know them.”

Police at Sheepcote Road, Killamarsh after a 'serious incident'

"It was a surprise to see so many police officers this morning.”

Derbyshire Police issued a statement on the ‘incident.’

They said: “We are currently at the scene of a serious incident at a property in Killamarsh.

Residents will see a large police presence in the area, but at this time there is not thought to be any ongoing risk to members of the public.

“We will provide further information in due course.

“We’re not able to say yet when more details will be provided as it’s still the early stages of this incident.”