Residents call for action to make Matlock road safe

Worried residents are to push Derbyshire County Council into tackling traffic issues on a Matlock road they feel is an accident waiting to happen.
Old Hackney Lane, MatlockOld Hackney Lane, Matlock
Old Hackney Lane, Matlock

People living around Old Hackney Lane say the road is increasingly unsafe due to speeding motorists, parked cars, narrow pavements, and heavy goods vehicles using it as a short cut.

Ann Medd, 79, said: “The volume of traffic has increased tremendously in the last two or three years. It’s a very frightening situation for any pedestrians, especially those who are older, disabled or have young children.

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“Those of us who know the road know you need to be careful, especially with the two blind corners which form a chicane at the bottom — but other people are driving very fast despite a 30 miles per hour restriction.”

The road lies close to Whitworth Hospital, All Saints School, and housing developments with relatively limited parking, causing a perfect storm of congestion and risk factors.

Ann and neighbour Carol Taylor are now canvassing local opinion and collecting anecdotal evidence to show the extent of the problem before presenting it to Derbyshire County Council in the hope that action will be taken.

Ann said: “People have been brushed by large lorries, someone had their car written off after a collision and it is horrifying to feel there is going to be a horrible accident.

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“We want to raise awareness of the problem, and push for the road to be made access only or weight-restricted.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: “We’re not aware of any concerns about Old Hackney Lane but if residents feel there is an issue which needs addressing we’d be happy to hear from them so we can look into it.”