Residents anger over YourBus parking row

Residents in Heanor say they are fed up at not being able to park outside their homes due to nearby bus company staff taking up spaces.

Monday, 28th April 2014, 11:00 am
Thorpes Road, Heanor

Locals from Thorpes Road say they have made many phone calls complaining they continually struggle to park outside their own homes, 
often finding themselves having to leave their cars onother streets, due to bus-firm workers parking there.

Heanor bus firm YourBus has its 
depot on Heanor 
Industrial Estate, at the end of Thorpes Road, which has led to bus drivers parking their own vehicles on the residential street during their shifts during the day and at night. The firm does have a small car park on its premises.

Residents say only a few yards from their front doors is 
a locked derelict car park site which has been unused for a number of years, the owner of which is currently unknown, that could be used for the overspill.

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Kevin Mee, 73, of Thorpes Road said: “It’s getting to the point where we’re afraid to move our cars in case we lose our spaces.

“It’s been this way since the depot opened up a year ago, from seven in the morning ‘til late in the evening leaving us all powerless to park in front of our own homes.

“Very few people who live on Thorpes Road have 
their own residential garages so we have to rely on those spaces outside of our houses.

“We’d like to make the street strictly residents’ 
only parking, as at the moment it’s just not in the slightest bit 
viable and it’s causing so much hassle for everyone involved.

“We’re not particularly 
angry at YourBus or any of their drivers, in fact we 
sympathise with them, 
because they have no choice but to park there, otherwise how would they get to work?

“We’re angry at the fact there’s perfectly suitable land that could be used for car parking nearby.

“A handful of residents have 
spoken to various authorities in 
attempt to shed some light on the unused land and time and again, we’ve been told that there is simply nothing that anyone can do.

“It’s incredibly difficult to have to put up with the 
challenges of being unable to park in front of your own house . Everyone’s had enough, we just want to find a way to end what is becoming a daily struggle for many of us on Thorpes Road.

John Everill, marketing manager for YourBus 
sympathised with residents and claimed that if a solution was available the firm would look at implementing it.

“Of course we can understand why residents are frustrated, it’s a difficult situation.

“If we were offered free parking facilities by the council or whoever owns the land we’d 
be willing to use it in attempt to help relieve the congestion issues on Thorpes Road.

“It all depends on cost 
implications, but if a solution could be reached then we’d certainly be open to the idea.”