Police warning over snowball danger

Police have issued a warning over the dangers of snowballing after reports of people and traffic being targeted in Matlock.

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013, 3:34 pm

Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant Steve Edwards is urging people to act responsibility and think about the dangers of throwing snowballs at cars, buildings or pedestrians.

His warning comes after reports of snow-ballers targeting traffic and people in Matlock and Ashbourne.

Calls have also been received about youngsters pelting houses and shops with snow.

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Sgt Edwards said: “Throwing snowballs can be just a bit of fun if it’s done in the right spirit and in the right place.

“But it can turn nasty and be dangerous for people who are just going about their business if they are targeted.

“If you throw a snowball at a car or bus, for example, it can easily distract the driver and cause a collision and potential injury.

“That’s not to mention the risk of damage to cars, buildings or injury to people, which is a criminal offence and could see you arrested.

“You can still have fun in the snow, but do so responsibly and think about your actions, because reckless behaviour can easily have serious consequences.”

To report any incidents of anti-social behaviour, call police on 101.