PHOTOS: Super-skinny store mannequins '˜should be banned'

'˜Super-skinny' shop-window mannequins that promote unhealthy and unrealistic body shapes or sizes '˜should be banned'.

Wednesday, 26th April 2017, 4:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:24 pm
Shannon's campaign hope to ban thin mannequins.
Shannon's campaign hope to ban thin mannequins.

That is according to one Barlborough woman who says they can be damaging to people’s physical and mental health.

Shannon Guild, 21, of Park Street, now wants to impose minimum size regulations and has created a petition to urge the government to take action.

Shannon, who says she has ‘personal experience’ of living with an eating disorder, said: “I can’t understand how these things slip past ethics committees.

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A store mannequin at Topshop in Meadowhall.

“I want to make mannequins more realistic and portray a healthy body image.

“It seems to be becoming the norm to be dissatisfied with a healthy body shape and to strive for a size that is dangerous - yet no one is doing anything.”

“Women, men and even children who haven’t been diagnosed with an illness are being effected on a daily basis by these skinny mannequins that often look ill.”

Shannon’s petition aims to set a legal minimum body size for mannequins displaying clothes in shops.

Campaigner, Shannon Guild.

It claims mannequins are often ‘too thin’ and have body shapes which are ‘impossible to achieve’.

It also says the models can promote ‘serious self-esteem issues and eating disorders’ with young girls particularly vulnerable.

“We should feel beautiful without sacrificing our health,” says Shannon.

“A minimum mannequin size is a step towards this.”

A store mannequin at Topshop in Meadowhall.

Shannon points to the fact that Barbie dolls with ‘more realistic figures’ have recently been developed.

She goes on to ask why the same could not be done with the bodies that display the clothes we wear.

Last month, Topshop were criticised by one British mum for having ‘bony’ mannequins in their windows.

After previously being criticised in 2015, the store said it would review its policies.

Campaigner, Shannon Guild.

You can sign Shannon’s petition, which has 106 signatures, at