Gayle Leishman's children Ryan, Ross, Enma-Rae and Elliott chill out in an inflatable pool in their back garden.

Your photos and hot tips for cooling off in Derbyshire’s heatwave

Sweltering families have been diving into paddling pools and reaching for cold drinks as temperatures in scorching hot Derbyshire rise to levels more commonly found in Mediterranean countries.

Tuesday, 20th July 2021, 8:46 pm

With outdoor thermometers nudging 30degC during the day and sleeping very difficult on warm nights, we asked readers for photos and suggestions on how to cool off.

Brad Moore suggested on our Facebook page: “Cold showers, cold wet flannels, and a fan that blows air around the room.”

Andrew Liston said: "I go to Iceland, open the freezers and pretend I'm after whatever in the bottom, look at the label for a bit and move onto the next freezer.”

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