Well-known north Derbyshire couple celebrate diamond wedding joy

An ‘amazing’ north Derbyshire couple who ‘do everything together’ are celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary on Thursday.

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, 4:45 pm

Dr Jeremy Brewer, who worked as a family doctor in Clay Cross for many years, and his wife Elizabeth are described as a ‘tough act to follow’ by their children.

Son Simon said their marriage has always been strong and they are an example of ‘a loving couple sharing similar interests and faith’.

"One year they even secretly bought each other the same Christmas gift, a figurine of a favourite pet, while on a day out, each making an excuse to go and do an errand and vist the shop,” Simon said.

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Elizabeth and Jeremy Brewer celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

“They only found out when they opened the present months later."

The couple, who now live near Ashover, met while working at London’s Guy’s Hospital, where Jeremy was a trainee doctor and Elizabeth was a nurse.

They tied the knot at Purley Baptist Church in Surrey on September 17, 1960 – although Jeremy was only given the morning off as he had to return for his hospital rounds.

In 1962, they moved to Derbyshire as Jeremy had become a GP and ‘wanted to work in a close-knit community’.

They found this in Clay Cross and Jeremy served the town for decades at Blue Dykes Surgery, now Royal Primary Care.

He was also GP Vocational Training Scheme organiser at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and served as company doctor for the Clay Cross Company.

Elizabeth helped out with the WRVS on meals on wheels duty and later taught English.

The couple were founder members of Holmgate Evangelical Church and on Jeremy’s retirement they travelled the world on a missionary ship.

Jeremy, now 84, worked as the ship’s doctor and Elizabeth, 83, used her catering skills to feed the 300 crew.

Their children, Debbie and Simon, were born on the same day a year after each other.

Simon is married to Jo and they have four children: George, Victoria, Timothy and David.

Debbie said: “They are an amazing couple. They have been the best of friends, they share a great sense of humour, and are totally united in their Christian faith. They are a very tough act to follow.”

The family initially planned a large party to mark the milestone but this has been scaled back because of Covid-19 restrictions.

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