Watch as we try out the Peak Sightseer open top bus from Chesterfield to the Peak District

As a single parent in the summer holidays, finding a fun and stress-free day out for my child and me can be a bit of a challenge. However, when I heard about the new open-top bus experience in the Peak District, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for an adventure without worrying about driving or navigating. And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions we made!
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As we boarded the Peak Sightseer open-top bus, excitement filled the air.

My little one's eyes sparkled with curiosity as we found the perfect seats on the top deck, providing us with an incredible grandstand view of the picturesque landscapes that lay ahead. The journey began, and we were whisked away into a world of breathtaking beauty.

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The scenery was simply mesmerising. Rolling hills, vast green fields, and charming villages passed us by, painting a serene backdrop that immediately put us at ease. We got to experience the magic of the Peak District National Park from a unique perspective, free from the confines of a car. It was like being part of a moving postcard!

The Peak Sightseer takes a tour of some of the best destinations in the Peak District.The Peak Sightseer takes a tour of some of the best destinations in the Peak District.
The Peak Sightseer takes a tour of some of the best destinations in the Peak District.

The tour begins with a visit to Baslow, a truly enchanting village that sets the tone for an unforgettable day ahead. Having grown up in Sheffield and residing in Chesterfield for the past two decades, Baslow holds a special place in my heart as the gateway to the Peak District.

Our next stop was Chatsworth House, and as we approached this magnificent stately home, I couldn't help but marvel at its grandeur. Driving through the gardens and seeing it in the distance has always been an experience, but seeing it from this new angle added something special. It was busy and parking was becoming an issue - being on the Peak Sightseer removes this stress from the day.

Once back on the bus, our journey entered the captivating "loop" route. The bus service offers two departure times from Chesterfield train station, at 9.10 and 9.40, both heading towards the renowned Chatsworth House. From there, the loop commences, taking passengers on a picturesque route throughout the day. If you begin your adventure from Chesterfield, the next part of the journey will take you back to the charming village of Baslow.

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Leaving behind the enchanting village of Baslow, the next stop on the journey is the delightful village of Calver. Here, you have the option to alight from the open-top bus and immerse yourself in the local charm by visiting the pubs or embarking on an adventurous hike up Curbar Edge. This is where the true splendour of the Peak District comes alive, as you witness the breathtaking rock formations of Curbar Edge stretching to Froggatt Edge. The open-top bus provides the perfect vantage point to capture stunning photos of these majestic landscapes, making it a fantastic opportunity to preserve the natural beauty of the Peak District in your cherished memories.

The open-top bus takes a loop around the Peak District and you can hop-on and hop-off whenever you want.The open-top bus takes a loop around the Peak District and you can hop-on and hop-off whenever you want.
The open-top bus takes a loop around the Peak District and you can hop-on and hop-off whenever you want.

Next on the list was Hassop Station, the starting point for the famous Monsal Trail. Hassop Station Cafe has always provided tremendous food and it’s open every day. For those seeking adventure, the bike hire service allows you to embark on a thrilling ride, exploring iconic places like Haddon Hall and the impressive Monsal Viaduct.

Now we were headed to Bakewell, a charming town renowned for its delicious puddings and tarts. Quaint streets adorned with traditional stone-built cottages create a picturesque setting, and local shops offer a variety of unique, handcrafted goods for those looking to take home a piece of Bakewell's charm. The friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality of the locals make Bakewell a must-visit destination in the Peak District. You’ll get plenty of waves from atop the bus here.

After Bakewell, you head to Ashford-in-the-Water, a village that boasts a rich history, evident in its ancient buildings and landmarks. The village church, with its striking architecture, stands as a testament to the village's heritage. This idyllic village is renowned for its stunning stone bridges that gracefully span the river, creating a picturesque scene that has captivated visitors for generations.

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Now the loop starts to head back to Chatsworth House, finally stopping at Pilsley. The village is home to the Chatsworth Farm Shop, where visitors can sample locally produced delights and take home a piece of the region's culinary heritage. From here the bus returns to Chatsworth House to pick up the next bunch of visitors to the Peak District.

Finally, you head back to Chatsworth House.Finally, you head back to Chatsworth House.
Finally, you head back to Chatsworth House.

Overall, the open-top bus experience in the Peak District was an absolute hit for a single parent like me.

It provided a stress-free and enjoyable way to explore this stunning national park, and my child couldn't have been happier with the adventure. The tour allowed us to sit back, relax, and take in the breathtaking scenery without worrying about the logistics. It’s also great value for money, as you’re able to hop on and hop off all day long. We'll undoubtedly cherish this day out in the Peak District for years to come.