Watch as Staveley residents share their excitement for new developments in the town

With the funding for the Staveley Waterside development being approved recently, we spoke to residents and business owners to see if they were excited for the future of the town.

Wednesday, 26th January 2022, 12:54 pm

Ian Talbot, from D Stanley Butchers, was enthusiastic about the new development, and said that he hoped it would help boost trade in the town centre too.

“It definitely is exciting. We could just do with some facts coming through about how long it’ll take to get the regeneration going.

“It’s promising - we need it to get some footfall back in the area, and there’ll be new business people and customers coming in. It desperately needs a fruit and veg shop and a fishmonger- things like that to get people coming back into the centre.”

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People in Staveley were hopeful that the new development would help improve the town.

This was echoed by Caroline Hornsby, owner of Caroline’s Creature Comforts. She said that Staveley was a good place from which to operate her pet shop, but these developments were needed to help reinvigorate the town.

“I’ve been here quite a few years, there’s some lovely people locally and very regular trade- it’s quite a busy little centre.

“It does need an injection of more enthusiasm and more money into the area. It needs updating and uplifting.

“Other people that buy those houses will come from other places, so it injects some new blood into the area. Hopefully they will all have dogs and cats too.”

Staveley’s residents agreed with business owners that, while the town has its positives, any development in the area was welcome.

Sheila Orme said she appreciated the community atmosphere in Staveley, but added that work was needed to provide an outlet for local young people.

“Staveley needs things like youth clubs and cinemas- you’ve got to go all the way into Chesterfield for your nightlife.

“You’ve got to keep young people in places like this and there’s nothing to attract them.

“The market needs some money spent on it to regenerate that area- it could be a buzzing little market place.

“On the other hand, it does have a nice sense of community- over Christmas, I came to some events at the church and they were all well-attended.”

Jamieson Frost also commented on the town’s friendliness, and said that any improvements brought about by the new project would be welcome.

“It’s very convenient and the people are friendly too.

“I’m hoping they improve the centre itself as well as the canal – now you’ve told me it’s definitely coming, it’s a bit more exciting.

“It’s known as a deprived area, so any benefits from it will be great stuff.”