Scrunchie-making Chesterfield girl aids Bluebell Wood children's hospice

A big-hearted Chesterfield schoolgirl has pledged half her earnings from a lockdown scrunchie-making enterprise to a children’s hospice after earning more money than she could spend.
Lucy Kelley with her mum Sarah and homemade scrunchies.Lucy Kelley with her mum Sarah and homemade scrunchies.
Lucy Kelley with her mum Sarah and homemade scrunchies.

Twelve-year-old Lucy Kelley began making scrunchies after her mum dusted off their old sewing machine.

Quickly getting the hang of it, the Tupton Hall student decided to sell a few online to make a bit of extra pocket money. People were so impressed with the quality that Lucy was soon inundated with orders.

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Her proud mum Sarah Kelley, 40, said: “We started off just selling them to family and friends, but then lots of people shared her page on Facebook and we were flooded with orders.

“Lucy said she didn’t need all the money for herself, and she wanted to give some to charity.

“Straight away she suggested Bluebell Wood, and after doing some research about the charity’s brilliant work, it was settled.

“She just wanted to help, but we had no idea it would go so crazy.”

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So far Lucy has made 139 scrunchies, with five bespoke headbands for good measure. And she’s managed to fit it all around her school work.

“Although she’s not been in school since March, they have been sending work every day so it’s been a really nice break away from it all, and she’s also found it very relaxing,” Sarah added.

With each scrunchie selling for £1 to £1.50, Lucy made a whopping £240, pledging half to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice to help support children and families.

Lucy said: ““I’ve really enjoyed doing it and I’m very happy that I’ve been able to do something for Bluebell Wood.

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“I think it’s amazing what they do for children and I really wanted to help.”

Sally Baker, community fundraising manager at Bluebell Wood, said: “We’d like to say a big thank you to Lucy for what’s she done for Bluebell Wood, it really is inspirational. Her support will help us be there for families at a time when they need our help more than ever.”

“The scrunchies and headbands are fabulous and she should be very proud of what she’s achieved.”

To find out how you can support children and families and more about the charity , visit the website www.bluebellwoodorg/letspledge