Rescue pets in Chesterfield that need your love - so adopt rather than buy

Animal rescue charities are appealing for people to adopt pets rather than buy them.

Friday, 12th March 2021, 4:06 pm
This gorgeous female German Shepherd is eight years old, has had little human contact and is nervous around people. Chesterfield Animal Rescue is looking for a single lady with no other animals to adopt Hatti.

Steph McCawley, supporter engagement officer at RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch, said: “There are hundreds and hundreds of unwanted dogs all over the UK, especially in our area, that have been mistreated or abused or just neglected.

“In some cases by buying a puppy or dog online through an advertisement you don’t know if you’re supporting illegal puppy farms and you could be putting yourself into a position where you get a really poorly puppy.

"We just advise people to follow the puppy contract of the RSPCA, that if you want to buy you do it through a reputable breeder and that you follow a good checklist.

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This six-year-old ginger male spends most of his time curled up hiding in his bed at Chesterfield RSPCA's cattery. Being shy and timid, he would need a quiet home with an owner who can give him time and space to grow in confidence and learn to trust.

"Why would you buy an animal when there are plenty that are desperate for a second home and for love?”

James Keeble, trustee of Chesterfield Animal Rescue, said: “Adoption saves lives, not just the one you adopt, but the ones that come after too. Hundreds, if not thousands, of animals lose their lives due to being unwanted every year, something we are trying very hard to stop for good. Without adoptions, less animals can be helped. It is vital to prevent suffering and promote animal welfare.”

This affecftionate nine-year-old greyhound loves people, is gentle and calm and loves going for walks. He's not keen on other dogs so would have to be only one in the house. Ruben is currently in the care of RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch.
Don't let his name fool you, Bruiser is a quiet cat with a gentle nature and a tendency to hide when things get too much. The 18-month-old cat would be best suited to a home with children over eight years old. Bruiser could adapt to living with other cats and dogs provided introductions are done slowly and sensibly, says Chesterfield RSPCA.
Rita is a five-month-old German Shepherd puppy with boundless energy and lots of love to give. She is looking for someone who has experience with her breed and can commit to training her. Chesterfield RSPCA says she would suit a home where there are children over eight years old and is great around other dogs.