Quick thinking Chesterfield mum saves dog from drowning

This little doggy owes its life to the quick thinking Chesterfield mum who saved it from drowning.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 11:32 am
Paula Pickering and her brother Steve with the rescued dog Princess.

Paula Pickering, 52 was on holiday with her family on the Norfolk Broads when the drama unfolded on Thursday (August 29).

Paula was sitting on the edge of the boat enjoying a morning coffee when she spotted something in the water at Great Yarmouth yacht station where the family was moored.

She realised it was a small dog in great distress desperately paddling away and in danger of going under.

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Paula Pickering and her brother Steve with the rescued dog Princess.

The dog, a King Charles Spaniel called Princess had fallen off its owner's boat and was being swept away by the tidal flow.

Paula said; "I thought it was a seagull at first then I realised it was a dog.

"I could see it was struggling. It got to the side of the boat and was starting to go under.

She leaned over the side of her boat putting herself at risk and picked up the bedraggled pooch as it frantically struggled to remain above the water.

Princess now safe and sound

"I had to do it otherwise it would have drowned. It had a massive fluffy coat which was dragging it down"

Paula wrapped the exhausted hound in a towel and took her to the harbour master.

She said: " We found a number on the dog's collar ,- but it's owner was soon on the scene."

"A woman came running down the quay shouting that her dog had gone missing. Apparently her husband had fallen asleep and the dog had jumped over the side of their boat."

The family's boat moored at Great Yarmouth yacht station.

"Everybody said I was a hero but I don't think so. It was my birthday too so it made a great present for me."