Around 12 miles of Snake Pass has been closedAround 12 miles of Snake Pass has been closed
Around 12 miles of Snake Pass has been closed

PICTURES: Angry cyclists take part in mass 'trespass' to protest Snake Pass closure

A group of angry cyclists have taken part in a mass trespass this afternoon to protest against the closure of Snake Pass by Derbyshire County Council.

Around 12 miles of the Snake Pass route between Manchester and Sheffield through the Peak District was closed by Derbyshire County Council on February 21, after heavy rainfall caused by numerous storms led to three landslips.

One such landslip had caused the road to drop by two metres, with the authority saying that the land was still moving, presenting a risk to motorists and other road users.

The cyclists met at 2pm this afternoon before setting off down the closed stretch of road.

Harry Gray, who organised the protest told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Snake Pass has been closed because of a landslip, we agree that this section should remain closed to cyclists and walkers for safety reasons.

“However, closing the entire road is unfair and potentially not legal.

“The claim that it is dangerous because of works vehicles is laughable, since the road is one of the most dangerous in the peaks when open to motor vehicles.

“All that is needed is a sign to let people know there is still local traffic using the road.

“Derbyshire Council have taken no previous steps to make the road safer for cyclists, like an average speed check, in the past – so why do they care so much now?”

Cllr Nigel Gourlay, one of the council representatives for the area, told the LDRS: “I have received emails and phone calls from cyclists, walkers, and local residents living on the Snake.

“I can see the frustration and anger that has appeared since the sudden closure – however, this road has been closed for safety reasons, and I would plead with cyclists to use common sense when entering a zone that has been declared dangerous.”