Photos show ‘nightmare’ parking on Chesterfield street – as MP urges council to look into issue

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins is set to write to the council as residents in Hady Hill have been left frustrated following parking issues.

Parking at Hady Hill, near Chesterfield Royal Hospital, is free – and residents say many drivers leave their vehicles there to avoid paying hospital parking fees.

But this has caused problems for residents on the street – who find their driveways blocked and struggle to get through the road.

One of the residents of the street has shared photos with the Derbyshire Times to show the extent of the problem.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins said: “I will be writing to the Head of Highways at Derbyshire County Council to request he looks into introducing a resident-only parking scheme along this stretch of Hady Hill – or to consider what other steps can be taken to stop people causing such an inconvenience to residents there.“In the meantime, I would encourage residents to report to the County Council every time someone blocks their drive or parks on yellow lines. Hopefully, this will lead to tickets being issued that will dissuade people from parking, and also provide evidence to back up the requests for action by the County Council.“I also urge people visiting the hospital to show more consideration. I appreciate how difficult and expensive parking can be, but it’s not fair to cause this level of disruption to people living nearby.”