Mystery surrounds appearance of boomerangs - with unusual message - in Derbyshire town

Mystery surrounds the appearance of boomerangs in a Derbyshire town.

By Gay Bolton
Wednesday, 3rd August 2022, 6:04 pm

Katy Richards said she visited Belper where she spotted an unusual boomerang with the words ‘Belper-Moo-rang’ written on it and ‘Binoclarity Book’ on the other side.

She said: ”I spotted it when I was walking past the big mill. I picked it up and was told by someone that there are quite a few of these being found in Belper.

"I guess they are a fond reminder of the world-famous Belper Moo that occurred nightly during the Covid lockdowns.

The boomerang which Katy Richards found in Belper

"It looks like a local artist or prankster has been at work in Belper,” she said.

Katy said that she had also been told that some ‘Melb-ou-rangs’ had been found in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

"I am wondering if these intriguing and uplifting things will be turning up in other parts of Derbyshire,” she added.

Residents created the Belper Moo as a unique way to fight lockdown boredom - by mooing in unison.

Every evening locals would gather on their doorsteps and lean out of bedroom windows for a two-minute cattle chorus.