Inspirational gran who survived cancer three times steps up for Chesterfield's Race for Life challenge

A great -great-grandmother who has survived cancer three times in 45 years is rising to a new challenge by taking part in Chesterfield's Race For Life.

Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 10:45 pm

Ann Hobbs will be walking the three-mile route around the grounds of Queen's Park on July 10 to raise money for Cancer Research UK

She said: "I'm 99 percent sure I can do it as I walk every day - but I've never done three miles before."

Her walking companions will be daughter Sally Hobbs, 54, of Grangewood Road, Chesterfield, her granddaughter Tammi, 31, who encouraged Ann to take part in the walk, and Tammi's dog, a Patterdale terrier called Barlow.

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84-year-old Ann Hobbs of Calow will be walking the 5k route of Chesterfield's Race For Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Married to Fred for 62 years, Ann will be walking the route for her husband who has prostate cancer. She said: "He's had it for about five years - it's not terminal."

So far, Ann has raised £160 for Cancer Research UK, with a large proportion of that coming from members of Calow Women's Club where she has been a member for 41 years. She said: "They are such a friendly group. I am really touched and so grateful to those who have sponsored me."

Ann added: "We will be walking for a good cause. Like a lot of others, we have had people in the family die of cancer - my mum did, my father- in-law did and a nephew did."

Three days prior to Race For Life, Ann, who has four grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and a great-great-grandson, will be having a cataract operation. She said: "I've been in touch with the hospital and told them what I'm doing and they've said as long as you don't run or jump it's okay. I can't see me running or jumping at 84!"

Chesterfield's Race For Life on Sunday, July 10, will start at 10am.

By signing up, participants are pledging to raise at least £50 to help fund life-saving research into a disease which affects one in two people during their lifetime.

Entry is £14.99 (adult, young adult), £10 (child) and free for girls and boys who are under 6 years. To register, go to