Great games to keep your dog on top form this winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year with plenty of things to enjoy but it's important not to forget about your dog.
Photo by Pixabay.Photo by Pixabay.
Photo by Pixabay.

To support your hound’s health and wellbeing and start the year on the right foot, Company of Animals has put together a few game ideas to keep your dog entertained and active.

Stop and Go, Fast and Slow

Even though it’s constantly cold, and dark by the time it gets to 4pm, that’s no excuse not to go outside for a walk! ‘Stop and Go, Fast and Slow’ is a fun way to get both you and your pup active. Vary commands and actions during your walk and see if your dog can keep up. At random points during your walk, tell your dog to sit, stop walking or speed up (maybe even breaking into a jog if conditions allow). If they follow what you say and do, reward them. The commands you give need to be spontaneous in order to keep the game mentally stimulating as well as physically.

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When going outside during winter, be sure to use a lead that provides you with maximum control, visibility and comfort to ensure you’re safe in all weather conditions. The Halti Walking Harness is the perfect companion for winter walks as it gives you great handling and control whilst making sure your companion is visible to cars, cyclists and other walkers through its reflective detailing.

Snowball Throw

If there’s a white winter, why not swap out the usual tennis ball for snow balls? Make a pile of snowballs, but be sure there’s no stones in them, and throw them as far as you can for your dog to chase. It’s a great way to release all your pup’s pent-up energy, as well as being lots of fun.

After all the running about and rolling in snow, your dog’s fur will probably be a bit wet and matted, so be sure to give them a dry and little pamper when you get back in! Pet Head’s Dog Knot Detangler is the solution to help your furry friend. Once you’ve dried off your dog with a towel, simply spray on your pooch’s fur and comb through. It’ll leave them super soft and smelling beautiful!

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