Four-time Olympic sprinter Donna Fraser joins 700 participants in Breast Cancer Now's iconic Pink Ribbon Walk at Chatsworth

Four-time Olympian Donna Fraser joined more than 700 participants in the Pink Ribbon Walk at Chatsworth which has so far raised £180,000 for breast cancer research.

Donna, who walked with her friend Marcia Bailey, raised £2,186 for Breast Cancer Now in her role as ambassador for the charity.

The Olympic sprinter was diagnosed with an early form of the cancer at the age of 36 in 2009 and reluctantly retired from the world of athletics. She underwent an operation to remove her breast due to her age and a high chance of cancer returning.

Donna said: “Breast cancer awareness is very important to me. As someone who has personally been through a diagnosis and treatment for the disease, I know how vital it is to raise money for research, to help Breast Cancer Now reach a day everyone who develops breast cancer lives. For me, that day can’t come soon enough.

"Although I have attended other Breast Cancer Now events over the years, this was my first time taking part in the iconic Pink Ribbon Walk. It’s been a beautiful day hearing from women impacted by the disease and meeting people affected by breast cancer who have travelled from across the country to take part in this incredible event at Chatsworth House.”

Claire Pulford, associated director, community and events at Breast Cancer Now, said: “ “It was absolutely fantastic to have once again welcomed our fantastic supporters back to the iconic Chatsworth House Pink Ribbon Walk and we would like to thank everyone who took part helping to raise more than £180,000 so far, for people affected by breast cancer, with donations still coming in.

“It’s always an incredibly emotional day. People took part for so many reasons – with walkers who are currently living with the disease, walkers who’ve had treatment and are living beyond breast cancer, and friends and family of people affected by the disease.

“Every ten minutes, someone in the UK hears the words “you have breast cancer”. Money raised from Pink Ribbon Walk events will help us to provide support for today and hope for the future for people affected by breast cancer.”