Flipping good fun! Take a look at 53 photos of Peak District village's famous Pancake Day races including 1970s, 1960s and noughties

Shrove Tuesday is eagerly looked forward by families and especially in Derbyshire which is home to one of the most famous pancake race events in the country.

Winster Pancake Races are continuing a tradition that is believed to have been started 150 years ago. One theory is that the event was founded by Llewellyn Jewitt when he lived in Winster Hall at a time when children were given a half-day off from school and went home to stuff their faces with pancakes.

Spokesman Geoff Lester said: “In earlier days, when people tended to work locally, this was a whole-village event, with adults taking the afternoon off and children from secondary school enjoying a half-day holiday. Formerly the races were run along the whole length of Main Street, but nowadays it’s just half of that.

“It’s mainly pre-school and primary children from Winster and Elton schools who take part. For the adults there are male and female races, and a walking race for seniors, in which the emphasis is more on the elegance of tossing the pancake. Visitors are welcome to join in, whatever the age group.”

The first race is at 2.15pm on February 13 and this year Main Street will be closed to traffic for an hour, with diversions up East Bank and West Bank.