Derbyshire woman reveals struggle with ‘all-consuming’ sex addiction in new book

“Sex controls me and my life. I let it, but I fear that one day it will destroy me. The addiction gnaws away at my soul. It is never satisfied, always hungry for more. Every action I take- is all for the love of sex.”

By Sophie Wills
Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 5:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th February 2019, 5:40 pm
Laurie Jade Woodruff's book 'Diary of a Sex Addict' is out on Valentine's Day.
Laurie Jade Woodruff's book 'Diary of a Sex Addict' is out on Valentine's Day.

These are the writings of Laurie Jade Woodruff, a Derbyshire woman who has shaken off shame and stigma to document her battle with an all-consuming sex addiction in a new tell-all book.

‘Diary of a Sex Addict’, based on the 30-year-old mum’s own struggles, highlights the inner psychology and struggle of the female sex addict in today’s society.

With female sex addiction still very much shrouded in mystery, and no medical diagnosis available, Laurie hopes other addicts can learn from the ‘raw’ and ‘brutally honest’ tale.

Laurie kept a diary during the peak of her sex addiction which formed the basis of her book.

Laurie, who lives in Wingerworth, said: “I am a liberal-minded person who believes a degree of appetite for sex is healthy- until it develops into a full-blown addiction, just like someone can become entirely dependant on drugs and alcohol.

“It should be taken equally as seriously.

“Just like those types of addictions mine is rooted in a rocky upbringing, and I can honestly say it could easily have destroyed my life.

“I put sex before everything- my career, my friendships, my wellbeing. It was never, ever off my mind.

Laurie is now on the road to recovery.

“Sex addiction manifests itself in many different ways.

“For me it was seeking out potentially dangerous encounters and running back to the same destructive relationships time and time again.”

Laurie kept a diary throughout her low-points, which formed the basis of her book, published on Valentine’s Day.

Now firmly on the road to recovery, she cites meditation, a period of celibacy and, more poignantly, self-acceptance as her saviours.

“I’m a sexual person, always have been and always will be, and there’s no shame in that,” added Laurie, now a qualified psychotherapist.

“But I found a way to channel the excessive sexual energy into other things, like my career.

“My addiction controlled me, now I control my addiction.”

Diary of a Sex Addict is available from Amazon and Waterstones.

Follow Laurie on Twitter and Instagram @lauriejaderotic.

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