Dangerous wild animals - including snakes, lizards and rare cats - kept in homes across Derbyshire

Derbyshire is home to a wide range of “dangerous” animals, including snakes, lizards and rare cats, it has been revealed.

By Eddie Bisknell
Friday, 17th December 2021, 3:32 pm
Updated Friday, 17th December 2021, 4:31 pm
Derbyshire is home to a wide range of “dangerous” animals, including snakes, lizards and rare cats, it has been revealed.

Freedom of Information requests sent to all of Derbyshire’s councils have revealed the number of dangerous animal licences held by residents – and detailed the animals they are needed for.

These “dangerous wild animals” require a licence to be kept in the UK, under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 – with an application to your local council required to keep any animal listed under the law.

Derbyshire is home to seven licences, applied for to cover a wide range of different animals, some of which do not require one.

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Here is a breakdown of all the animals listed as “dangerous wild animals” licensed to be kept at homes across Derbyshire, listed by borough or district. Some councils have been more vague than others.

Amber Valley

One licence for “snakes”


Two licences for:

Five chickens

One cockerel

Four ducks

A barn owl

Five turtles

One guinea pig

Three rabbits

One chinchilla

Two hairless rats

Two fancy rats

Six degus

Twenty fancy mice

Two bearded dragons

Two plated lizards

Two leopard gecko

One African pygmy hedgehog

Four corn snakes

One dog

One Canadian skunk

One giant African millipede

Five giant African land snails

Thirty Madagascan hissing cockroaches

Two Chilean rose tarantulas

One Goliath bird eating spider

One Horsefield tortoise

Six alpacas



Derbyshire Dales





One licence for “venomous snakes”

High Peak

One licence for:

Gila Monsters

Mexican beaded lizards

Rio Fuerte beaded lizards

Ottoman vipers

North East Derbyshire

One licence for

One banded rock rattlesnake

One western diamond rattlesnake

One timber rattlesnake

One neotropical rattlesnake

One eastern diamondback rattlesnake

One cottonmouth

One Arizona black rattlesnake

One Chinese cobra

One Indian cobra

One snouted cobra

One monocle cobra

One forest cobra

One king cobra

One southern copperhead

One Taylor’s cantil

One puff adder

One gaboon adder/gaboon viper

One viper

One black necked spitting cobra

One fer-de-lance

One russell’s viper

One palestine viper

One temple viper

One variable bush viper

South Derbyshire

Two licences for:

One Asian leopard cat

One serval cat

One F1 Savannah Cat