Council approves design of new 64-home estate in north Derbyshire despite traffic concerns

Detailed designs for a new housing development in north Derbyshire have been signed off by council chiefs despite concerns raised by residents and community leaders.

Thursday, 6th January 2022, 5:04 pm

Developers already had permission to build the properties in Glapwell and their plans for the appearance and density of the homes have now also been approved.

Building company Meadowview Homes promises a ‘high quality design’ for their project at Glapwell Nurseries, off Glapwell Lane.

People living nearby, however, have raised a number of concerns.

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Designs for a new housing development at Glapwell Nurseries have been agreed by council chiefs despite concerns raised by residents.

Sarah Bister, a campaigner who has fought against recent development in the village, said it was ‘disappointing that no restrictions or consideration to traffic’ had been made in the decision.

"The development of the 64 houses is far too car dependent for the locality,” Sarah added.

"Which makes me very concerned about the air quality very close to where I live.”

Glapwell Parish Council also objected to the plans, which it described as ‘intolerable’.

“Glapwell village has already met, and exceeded, the housing requirements as set out by the Bolsover District Local Plan,” the parish council’s statement said.

"This development already puts intolerable pressure on the existing infrastructure which is inadequate for the original, let alone amended proposals.”

Glapwell resident Alistair Laing wrote a letter objecting to the plans because of the number of extra cars it would bring to the village.

He said: “Back Lane is a private access road currently its been used as a shortcut by non-residents between The Hill and Glapwell Lane.

“Cars travel at speed along this road. Having an extra 130 cars will see more traffic along this small narrow road and bound to be the cause of more accidents.”

In her report, Bolsover District Council officer Kay Gregory said the principle of development at the site had already been approved.

“It is considered that the proposals show an acceptable layout, scale, appearance and landscaping without causing unacceptable environmental effects, and so the proposal

conforms to local plan policies and guidance,” she said.

A design and access statement by the developers said: “The submitted designs will deliver a high quality development which is in keeping with the character and appearance of the area and distinctive in its own right, will provide an appropriate settlement edge, and respect, reveal and protect heritage assets.”