Chesterfield walking enthusiast is back hiking - just two weeks after knee replacement surgery

A walking enthusiast who underwent a day surgery knee replacement has taken to the Derbyshire hills just two weeks after the procedure.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 1:44 pm
Chesterfield woman Thelma Reddish with her pet cat Hamilton.

Thelma Reddish, from North Wingfield, was on the verge of losing her lifeline of hiking because of a historic knee injury which had led to the cartilage on one side of it disappearing - leaving bone rubbing against bone.

But thanks to the exercise plan before and after the operation at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre - where she was referred to by her GP - she is now back on her feet and rambling with friends in a local walking group.

She said: “I had never been in hospital before - I have been fortunate never to be ill - so I faced going into hospital with trepidation.

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Chesterfield woman Thelma Reddish with her pet cat Hamilton.

“I was delighted when, at my assessment, they told me I was a suitable candidate for day surgery knee replacement.”

The surgery went to plan and Thelma - who joined the walking group with her late husband as he attempted to overcome ill health - returned home by 6pm on the day of her operation.

She said: “It is an amazing service and everyone was so kind. They treated every patient with kindness and dignity as well as excellent care and humour, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still pleased to spend the night in my own home.”

Thelma worked at the exercises she was given by the centre’s physiotherapist and within a fortnight was back out with the walking group.

“No one could believe my recovery. They all laughed and said that if this is knee surgery, they want to sign up for it,” she said.

Thelma suffered the injury after a fall while on the way to meet the group for a long walk.

“Over the years the injury degenerated,” she said.

“It would appear to get better but then it would flare up again. The intervals between the pain lessened until I was left in consistent pain and I could no longer go on walks.

“The pain from the osteoarthritis was so bad that sleeping was hard. I was put on morphine tablets, but they made me ill.

“I took weaker medication; however, that was not strong enough to control the pain.”

But thankfully her pain is a thing of the past and she is back making the most of the final days of summer with her walking friends.

Hospital director Steve Booker said he was delighted to hear how Thelma had benefited from the centre’s day surgery joint replacement programme.

He said: “We developed it over a number of years, to ensure safety and comfort, and the results have been exceptional.

“For the right people, the option to go home on the same day is an excellent outcome: they feel more comfortable and recuperate better.

“Everyone, whether day patients or inpatients, goes home with a 24-hour telephone number that gets them straight through to medical staff so, no matter what time of the day or night, they can ask questions about their recovery.”