Chesterfield solicitors urge pet owners to secure future of four-legged friends when they are no longer around to care for them

Pet owners at a firm of Chesterfield solicitors are reminding people to make provision for their four-legged friends when they are no longer around to look after them.

Graysons has long encountered jaw-dropping pet care demands, some of which are more in line with what you'd expect for a pop diva than a furry companion.

Take the cat that expected hand-picked Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and outdoor bathing on a hot summer’s day – and that was before you got anywhere near the pan-fried meals and the insistence you had to share your bed with this pampered feline.

Graysons are using National Pet Month, which takes place throughout April, to highlight a lesser known area of the legal world – the Pet Letter of Wishes. The document – which is often described as a will for pets – lets the owner map out a care plan for the animal after they’ve gone; decides who will attend to their every whim and then provides them with the funds to pay for everything.

In the case of the pampered feline it was a five figure sum to cover a list of demands stretching to two pages.

Katie Birch, a private client advisor in the wills and probate department at Graysons, said: “We’re well versed in dealing with complicated wills but we’re now finding the Pet Letter of Wishes is becoming more and more common.

Pets provide great companionship and numbers owning them increased dramatically in lockdown. It’s only natural that you’d want to ensure they have a happy life after you’re gone.”

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