Chesterfield film-maker voices support for Resident Evil stuntwoman Olivia Jackson as she sues producers after horror accident

A Chesterfield film-maker has voiced support for a stuntwoman who is suing producers after she lost an arm in an on-set motorbike accident.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 5:01 pm
Kai Undrell, who is supporting Olivia Jackson.

Olivia Jackson, 38, nearly lost her life while filming Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and spent 17 days in a coma.

She claims that the film's producers misled her by saying their insurance would cover any on-set injuries.

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According to Ms Jackson, she later learned the producers had no liability insurance and she only received £26,000 - which does not even cover one of the potential 10 surgeries she needs.

Kai Undrell, 18, who wrote and directed Stand-Up, which was filmed in Chesterfield, said: "While the film industry is a century old powerhouse, it clearly - as we've learnt in recent years - has its flaws.

"Real-life wonder woman Olivia lost an arm and is now without her career - unable to pay future medical bills and fighting to make a living - and this is all down to the disgraceful insurance that was put in place by the production company, so profit has clearly taken priority over people here.

"This has sparked outrage among myself and many others in this field, and we stand with Olivia to begin a dialogue about this crucial issue – crew matter just as much as the starlets on screen, that must be understood.

"It's high time for further evolution in this industry."

Producers Impact Pictures state in legal documents that Ms Jackson could have used the motorbike’s ‘excellent brakes’ to avoid the devastating accident.