Chesterfield boy, 10, sets out on mission to clean the streets

A 10-year-old boy from Chesterfield has embarked on a mission to help the environment by litter picking.

Monday, 18th October 2021, 4:44 pm
Oscar Milner, 10, loves nature and wants to help keep his local area clean.

Oscar Milner decided to do something when, after going on walks during lockdown, he noticed how much rubbish was being left in the woods and fields near his home.

After ordering litter pickers from Amazon, he and his mum Hayley Milner went out to clean them up, filling their bags in the process.

Mrs Milner said: “He’s always been like this. He’s obsessed with animals and nature, so if he sees anything on the floor that a hedgehog or mouse could get stuck in, he has to get rid of it.”

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After a trip into the town centre, Oscar wanted to return to clear litter from the streets.

Oscar’s litter picking mission did not end there. After a trip to the town centre, he asked if he could bring his litter picker next time. Mrs Milner said that when they went to see the Knife Angel a few days later, he set out cleaning the streets of Chesterfield.

“When we went into town at the weekend, he said there was rubbish everywhere. He was dead set on taking his litter picker, he filled a Tesco bag and he felt better that he’d cleaned up a bit.”

Mrs Milner believes Oscar will keep doing his bit to keep Chesterfield tidy, and said if he could send a message, it would be to take care of the local environment.

“I think he’ll keep doing it. We always get funny looks but he enjoys doing it.

“I think if he could give a message, he’d say we need to look after where we live, cause if we don’t, nobody else will- that’s what he always says to me.”