Campaigners push for 20mph speed limit in Derbyshire's towns and villages

Philip Taylor from Bamford supports the 20s Plenty campaign.Philip Taylor from Bamford supports the 20s Plenty campaign.
Philip Taylor from Bamford supports the 20s Plenty campaign.
Residents of towns and villages in Derbyshire have joined forces to urge county councillors to agree that 20mph speed limit signage will be normal for urban and rural roads with exceptions where needed.

A new 20s Plenty campaign is pushing for a reduced speed limit to make the country’s communities safer for everyone to live and work in.

Campigners say that for every 1mph of speed cut, this equates to 6% fewer people injured. At 30 mph half of all people over 60 will be killed if hit by a car. By making the roads safer from the danger of motor traffic, more people will walk and cycle.

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As well as making town and villages healther, safer and cleaner, the 20mph limit almost halves noise pollution.

Alastair Meikle from 20s Plenty for Chesterfield said: “I want lower road speeds and support the 20s Plenty campaign because I’m keen to join 21 million other people in the UK who are benefitting from safer, quieter and friendlier streets. As we recover from the Covid crisis everyone needs to be able to embrace active travel in a more pleasant environment.”

Philip Taylor from 20s Plenty for Bamford said: “As a wheelchair user I feel very vulnerable at times, poor or non-existent pavements, as well as parked cars and pavement furniture often force me onto the road and the speed of traffic in our village even at 30 mph feels threatening. I am very aware that if a car hit me, even one travelling at 30mph, my chances of surviving would be limited.”

Pippa McCartney from 20s Plenty Whaley Bridge said: “I support 20s P lenty so that everyone, young and old can feel safe. We need to return to the days of not so long ago when we could safely walk, jog, play, cycle, exercise dogs, horse ride and chat with neighbours and friends where we live. Human health and safety comes first, traffic must take second place!”

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Gez Kinsella from 20s Plenty Belper said: “Successive government social attitude surveys show that 70% agree that 20mph is the correct limit for residential streets. This combined with the value for money returns by crash and casualty reduction means now is the time for Derbyshire Council Council to act on this issue."