Bakewell YouTube star farmer honoured by Prime Minister

A retired farmer from Bakewell who became a YouTube sensation over lockdown with his mindfulness videos receiving over 15 million views has received Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s daily Points of Light award.

John Butler
John Butler

John Buxton had not known about YouTube until 2018, but has now produced over 200 videos, sharing tips, stories and meditation guidance from his Derbyshire farm with the aim of reducing anxiety and helping people improve wellbeing.

John's videos gained huge worldwide audiences over the course of the pandemic, with over 198,000 subscribers to his channel 'Spiritual Unfoldment' drawn to his unique mental health coping strategies.

John also hosts meditation retreats and published eight not-for-profit books, offering further spiritual insight.

Congratulating John on his award from the Prime Minister, Sarah Dines, MP for Derbyshire Dales, said: "John Butler truly deserves the Prime Minister' s Points of Light award. His YouTube videos have provided comfort, inspiration, and support to people during the pandemic, not only here in Derbyshire Dales but across the world.

"The pandemic has been a scary and uncertain time for many, and I know that John’s videos, guided meditation, and words of wisdom have helped people feel less alone and worried during this time."

John said: "That's a surprise! Thank you. But let me first direct attention to my teachers - nature, common sense and meditation. Without them, I'd have no 'Point of Light' to share."

John is the 1782nd person to receive the Prime Minister’s UK daily Points of Light award, which was first launched in April 2014 to recognise outstanding individuals making a difference where they live. Each day, someone, somewhere in the country is selected to receive the award to celebrate their remarkable achievements, including hundreds of volunteers who have been recognised for how they have served their communities through the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Points of Light awards recognise outstanding individual volunteers,

people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others.

The Prime Minister makes daily announcements of the winners to

celebrate, encourage and promote volunteering and the value that it brings to the country.

If people know someone who could be a Point of Light they should write to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street. Website: