All the cancelled and delayed flights from Manchester, Doncaster and East Midlands Airport on Monday, June 13

Holidaymakers preparing to jet off on Monday, June 13, are hoping their flights will be on time – but there may be a small number of delays and cancellations at local airports.

Monday, 13th June 2022, 12:00 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2022, 12:00 pm

Here is a list of today's expected flight delays and cancellations at East Midlands, Manchester and Doncaster Sheffield Airports.

East Midlands Airport:

West Atlantic flight Guernsey at 12.45pm – delayed until 12.55pm

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East Midlands Airport

Jet2 flight to Dalaman (LS621) – delayed until 3.58pm

West Atlantic flight to Aberdeen at 6pm – delayed until 6.10pm

Jet2 flight to Palma de Mallorca (LS603) - delayed until 7.27pm

Ryanair flight to Marseille (FR8069) – delayed until 10.40pm

West Atlantic flight to Exeter at 9.30pm – delayed until 9.40pm

Star Air flight to Cologne (DJ6565) – delayed until 10.35pm

Star Air flight to Cologne (DJ6977) – delayed until 10.50pm

Manchester Airport:

Loganair flight to Newquay (LM25) – delayed until 12.46pm

Valair flight to Malaga at 12pm– delayed until 12.20pm

EasyJet flight to Belfast (U2135) – delayed until 12.16pm

EasyJet flight to Tel Aviv (U21827) – delayed until 12.23pm

Virgin Atlantic flight to New York at 12.45pm – delayed until 1.05pm

Jet2 flight to Nice (LS833) – delayed until 1.15pm

Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul (TK1992) – delayed until 1.30pm

Aer Lingus flight to New York (EI45) – delayed until 1.20pm

EasyJet flight to Hurghada (U21885) – cancelled

EasyJet flight to Hurghada (U29003) – delayed until 1.25pm

KLM flight to Amsterdam (KL1076) – delayed until 2.05pm

Execujet Scandinavia flight to Ibiza (VMP944) – delayed until 2.10pm

Vueling flight to Barcelona (VY8749) – delayed until 3.13pm

Jet2 flight to Paphos (LS937) – delayed until 3.14pm

EasyJet flight to Belfast (U2139) – delayed until 3.56pm

Jet2 flight to Antalya (LS895) – delayed until 5.22pm

Jet2 flight to Malaga (LS893) – delayed until 5.10pm

EasyJet flight to Lisbon (U21819) - delayed until 4.48pm

EasyJet flight to Gran Canaria (U21909) – delayed until 5.46pm

SunExpress flight to Antalya (XQ595) – delayed until 6.30pm

Aer Lingus flight to Belfast at 8.15pm – delayed until 8.25pm

Doncaster Sheffield Airport:

Tui flight to Tenerife (BY140) – delayed until 3.55pm

SaxonAir flight to Farnborough at 5.30pm – delayed until 5.45pm

These are all the cancellations and delays that were expected at the time of publication – this may change throughout the day. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight with their airline.

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