49 photos of some of the worst parking seen in Chesterfield so far this year

There's no question about it - bad parking drives us all mad!

Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 10:12 am
Bad parking in Chesterfield in 2019

So we've rounded up 49 photos of some of the worst parking seen in Chesterfield so far in 2019. The photos were all posted to the Parking Like A Pratt / Driving Like A Dummy In Chesterfield Facebook group. And if you want to see some more examples of bad parking, check out our article These are some of the worst examples of parking captured in Chesterfield in 2018.

Across all of the bays.....
Yes, that is parked believe it or not!

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'Great parking in Aldi near Casa'
"Oh look,you can now get all Electric Prats!"
"Just bone idle"
"Quality parking job at the local Bookers"
"Just why? Car park was 3/4 empty."
"Brilliant parking mate"
Clay Cross Aldi car park
"Cleaned up two spaces"
"Look at this clown! How dare he be considerate and give the person next to him more room and care about his own car getting scratched by parking over the lines!"
"Dunston Lane, all because they dont want to pay for parking on the Business Park!!!"
Next to Euro Car Parts
Captured in Eckington
"Excellent spacial awareness"
"Apparently this is parked"
Posted with the caption - 'good one'
"Every other parking space available at Jet in Ashgate"
"When you cant park right outside the pub, just use the pavement instead" - New Tupton
"Not great parking in North Wingfield"
"Not quite needing a blue badge"
This parking isn't going to make it easy for drivers turning into this road
"I struggle to understand how theyre not even embarrassed leaving it like that"
Pain clinic at Calow Hospital
Clearly one space wasn't enough for this driver
Right across the pavement
"Pick one"
"Why use the free half empty car park over the road when you can just leave it there right in front of the traffic light crossing point and go and do your shopping!! One of the busiest parts of Chatsworth road too!!"
Interesting school parking...
The sign says bus stand, no stopping.......
Why have one space when you can have more?
"School parking"
"Take your pick with these three"
Taken at Tesco, Chesterfield
Parked on the junction on Wardgate Way
"Still no sign of any kids"
"Wonder how much the taxi to the kerb cost?"
"We really don't know how to park"
Seen in Eckington
"I get that blue badge holders can park in restricted areas, but pretty sure it says on double yellow lines, not next to them."
Not much room for pedestrians to get past here. Photo captured in Eckington
Photo captured in Eckington
Seen in Eckington
Clay Cross
"Junction 29a little castle car park, loads of empty spaces, but this clown dumps his car on the bend, near the entrance, bone idle."
When the road is practically empty but you choose to park at the junction anyway....
"Classic case of a parking prat. It's not even like the car park was full either."
"Not a brilliant example to set whilst parking at a school."