John balances a mini in 2000.

14 amazing photos show what record-breaking Derbyshire strongman has balanced on his head down the years

As Britain's strongest granddad has celebrated his 100th world record by balancing a 14st crown on his head - at the age of 75 – we look back at the Derbyshire daredevil’s amazing feats of strength.

Monday, 11th April 2022, 2:13 pm

Strongman John Evans, from Ilkeston, has raised more than £250,000 for charity over four decades with his death-defying act as a professional head balancer.

The dad-of-two now holds 100 world records for carrying a variety of heavy objects on his bonce despite being blind in one eye, diabetic and suffering from angina.

His stunts include a 350lb Mini Cooper, a ladder with a woman sitting on a bike on each end and 101 house bricks, weighing 30 stone (190kg).

For other lifts he has managed to support 225 pints of beer, 380 toilet rolls, 96 empty milk crates and 400 cans of 7 Up pop.

To celebrate his 75th birthday, John carried a 90kg red and gold crown on his head during an event at Rutland Sports Park in Ilkeston.

Grandfather-of-three Johnsaid: "It was a special moment. It's nice to say I have 100 world records. It is a thing I thought I would never achieve.”

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