PCSO thief nicked after trying to sell job lot of stolen police gear on Ebay

A Nottinghamshire former Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) was nicked after he stole body armour a two way radio and a stab vest and tried to flog them on Ebay.

Dean Aloy, 33, based at Newark, was sentenced for four counts of theft by employee, when he appeared before magistrates yesterday.

Aloy admitted stealing police equipment and uniform from the force between September 2011 and April 2014 and selling it on the online auction site.

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He had previously pleaded guilty to the offences at Nottingham magistrate’s court on 12 March.

Appearing before magistrates yesterday (28 April), he was ordered to carry out 300 hours unpaid community work within 18 months, pay £244.44 compensation to those who bought items on eBay, £60 victims surcharge and £86 costs.

Aloy was suspended from duty after his arrest and resigned from his post prior to pleading guilty.

DI Luke Waller, who oversaw the investigation into Aloy’s offences, said: “We were alerted to the sale of Airwave radio belonging to the force and swiftly located following our enquiries.

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“As part of the inquiry, we then discovered he was also selling other items of uniform including a stab vest, body armour, a fleece coat, police-issue trousers and cycling trousers.

“Aloy’s actions certainly had the potential to aid others in committing offences if the police equipment and uniform had got into the wrong hands.

“We expect the highest standards from our officers and staff, and Aloy fell significantly short of these expectations.”