Paid-up sponsor withdraws legal threat to Spireites-linked school but isn't satisfied

A Chesterfield FC sponsor has withdrawn his legal action against a football school linked to the club.

Paul Boler says he’s been paid what he’s owed by the Chesterfield FC PPP, a legally separate entity from the Spireites.

Mr Boler was owed two sums of money by the organisation based at the Chesterfield FC Village, one of which was for a cancelled football tour that his son was due to go on.

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Last week he started legal proceedings against the directors of the PPP, Liam Sutcliffe and Chesterfield CEO Chris Turner to recover his money.

He confirmed to the Derbyshire Times today that he has since received the outstanding cash.

But the local businessman isn’t satisfied - he wants all parents to get the refunds they’re entitled to.

“I’ve not spoken to anyone at the club since I was paid, but I don’t think I would have got it back if I hadn’t gone public in the Derbyshire Times,” he said.

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“I’ve been in touch with some other parents and they haven’t been paid.”

Mr Boler, who estimates that he spent around £15,000 on Chesterfield FC sponsorship and season tickets last season, has withdrawn his son from the PPP programme.

“I still want all the other parents to be paid back,” he added.

“Legal action has been avoided, but it’s not fair on other families.”

In a statement given to the Times last week, Mr Sutcliffe said: “All creditors will be paid by the end of July. The business is growing, with investment and sponsorship deals in place.”