Outrage over priest’s ‘Father Christmas isn’t real’ bombshell to young kids

People have reacted angrily after a priest told a group of seven-year-olds that ‘Father Christmas is not real’.

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, 10:19 am
St Annes Catholic Church, Buxton

Father Dennis Higgins told youngsters from St Anne’s Primary School in Buxton that Santa was not real while giving mass at St Thomas More secondary school on Thursday.

Chris Eccles wrote on Facebook: “A man who believes in a sky fairy tells children that Santa isn’t real, hmmmmm...”

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Julia Taylor commented: “And in one ill thought-out comment he spoils Christmas for loads of little kids just like that.”

Marc Haywood said: “...and this from someone who believes we all come from Adam & Eve, who incidentally only had 2 sons......Go figure that one out!”

Also on Facebook, Joe Scott wrote: “Ladies and Gentlemen...my I present, The Grinch of Buxton.”

On the Buxton Advertiser website, Flettie commented: “I think this guy is in for a shock when he finds out all that stuff about transubstantiation, the virgin birth and creationism is not real either. I’m guessing he did not want the children to be taken in by silly superstitions...wait a minute.”

What do YOU think about Father Higgins’ comments about Santa Claus? Leave your views below in the Comments section.