Letter writer appalled at state of Chesterfield town centre

As a resident of Chesterfield of over 70 years, I am appalled at the state of decline in the town centre.

By Tim Broadhead
Friday, 6th May 2022, 8:53 am

I had occasion to visit last Friday.The main market square had at most six stalls and was littered with cigarette butts and coffee and other stains.Totally unacceptable to see such a mess, especially as it’s being promoted as a come-to destination.

Burlington Street and Knifesmiths Gate properties look as though they are derelict again, all walkways are covered in stains and don’t look an inviting place to walk along.

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Chesterfield town centre

Civic leaders and executives at Destination Chesterfield must walk around with their eyes tightly shut to allow this state of dereliction, and still think what we have is top notch.Yes they will argue that it’s Government cuts/the pandemic or even now the war in Ukraine that has led to this situation.Poppy cock. I believe that it’s purely mismanagement allowing the infrastructure to decline instead of catching things before they become a bigger problem.

Too much emphasis has been placed on office accommodation when it’s not needed. Walk around any site near the town and look at the empty units.The powers-that-be could now use the Eyres building for further offices!

I honestly don’t know where the people promoting Chesterfield as a thriving centre for business and shopping destination are looking.Yes it was once a bustling, clean and pleasant town with a fantastic market, a place to come and spend a few hours but not now.

Tim Broadhead