LETTER: Remember the animals of war

As Remembrance Day approaches, it is important to remember war is not just a human catastrophe.

Millions of animals have also been killed and maimed in human conflicts.

On the frontline, animals such as dolphins have been used to detect mines, and dogs parachuted into enemy territory.

Animals also suffer in laboratories across the globe.

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Animals such as monkeys, rats and guinea pigs are used to test weaponry and made to suffer the devastating effects of chemical warfare agents. Farm and companion animals are also victims of war –- when the bombs start to fall, and people flee, the animals are left to take the brunt of the bombing.

Animals do not start wars and they do not create weaponry.
Yet, because humans do, they are made to suffer in war zones and in laboratories.

The least we do can do is remember those animals for what they are: victims not heroes.

Tod Bradbury

Campaigns team, Animal Aid.

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