LETTER: Is school field being fenced off?

Being one of a number of residents in Hasland who have heard through word of mouth that the school field is going to be fenced off to the public, I feel very strongly that the local council is making a huge error of judgement.

Friday, 19th August 2016, 3:30 pm

The field is situated behind housing on The Green in Hasland and is surrounded by local housing estates. As a family we have regularly used this area over the past 20 years to walk our dogs daily, our girls have played and learned to ride bikes up there as they have grown up, along with many other members of the local community.

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There have always been a number of paths leading onto this area making it easily accessible to everyone. I can honestly say at a time when exercise, childhood obesity and general health and well being are a national concern this decision seems to be a very poor one. The field is very seldom used by the school and it seems such a shame to deprive the local community the opportunity to make use of the lovely green area. I feel very strongly that the local residents should have a voice in matters such as this.

Jeanetter Lowe