LETTER: Parking charges are outrageous

I am sending you this as I am very annoyed with disabled parking at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Friday, 17th March 2017, 11:30 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:52 am

My partner has a lung disease and I myself have heart disease. We are both disabled.
I had to take my partner to the hospital on March 1, as she was struggling to breathe, so I parked in disabled parking with our blue badge.
After tests and other things the doctors do at the hospital, they let her home after just over five hours. I put the parking ticket in the meter and it came up £5.80, which I thought was outrageous as it did used to be free.

We often go to Lincoln to visit parents and we have visited hospital over there. When you park in a disabled over in Lincoln there is a couple of pay and display machines in the disabled car park where you put your registration number in and pay £1.50 for 24 hours. This is great as at least disabled people who visit hospitals on a regular basis do have to pay something and the ticket cannot be used by another vehicle as your registration number is printed on the ticket.

We do not mind paying something but £5.80 is a little bit over the top. Lincoln hospital has the best idea and it rarely gets complaints about the £1.50 charge. This is what they should do at Chesterfield Royal as disabled people never know when they have to go to the hospital and we are there a lot for different appointments. 
I hope you can put this in your paper for others to read and see what they think on this.

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Mr M. Dean

By email