LETTER: Do Hady Hill traffic lights really need replacing?

Traffic Lights. Picture: Andrew RoeTraffic Lights. Picture: Andrew Roe
Traffic Lights. Picture: Andrew Roe
I feel that I need to comment on your news item recently about the replacement of the traffic lights on the A632 at the bottom of Hady Hill.

First of all, do these traffic lights really need replacing at this time when we are supposed to be in an era of spending cuts and austerity?

I regularly travel through these lights, both as a car driver and a bus passenger, and have never found them to be in anything other than perfect working order.

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Perhaps the money could be better spent on keeping children’s centres open or maintaining our bus services.

Secondly, if replacement IS essential, then surely they can be installed in less time than EIGHT weeks.

It would be very interesting to see the programme of works so that we could see exactly what is going to be done each day and judge whether or not this is really value for money.

Neville Whitmore

Little Morton Road,

North Wingfield

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