LETTER: Council should be ashamed about cemetery chapel

I am writing to thank Mr Paul Gibbons for his letter in your paper recently.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 2:00 pm
Chesterfield Spital Cemetery chapel.

Read the letter here.

He is of the same mind as myself. Whoever takes on the two chapels in Spital Cemetery will need very deep pockets.

Sadly councils, county councils and governments, when they no longer wish to run or own something, in my opinion let it run down and then they have the cheek to say it needs to go.

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It has taken many years to allow the two chapels to get into the state they are now.

Our council should be ashamed of themselves, however I feel they will not be concerned by my opinion or anyone else’s.

They have never seen nor wish to see the two chapels for what they are, solid visible parts of Chesterfield’s heritage built by the people who created Chesterfield.

They cannot see beyond the decay they have allowed to happen and want rid of a problem they created in my view.

Whoever takes on the two chapels, I hope they prove the council wrong and create by rebuilding and repairing two great chapels and show the real beauty such old buildings have. If they are repaired to their former glory I will gladly shake the hand and thank the person who does it.

I just hope it can be done.

Adrian Mather

Alexandra Road East, Spital