Sun and fortune finally smile on Derbyshire's pubs and restaurants

Isn’t it amazing how much better everything seems when the sun is shining?

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 2:05 pm

Like many people, I enjoyed a week’s holiday last week, as the kids were off.

Initially, we had played a mini city break during that period – one we’d already rescheduled twice since covid struck and which has now been moved on to the school summer holidays.

But it didn’t really matter.

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Pubs have re-opened to wonderful weather

The planets aligned as beer gardens opened and the sun shone.

I began the week with the best of intentions and a lengthy list of chores I’d been meaning to get round to.

I ended it with a list that is still as long, but with no regrets.

That’s what a welcome bit of sunshine does for you – must be all that extra vitamin D.

It has certainly given us a healthy dose of optimism and it’s been so good to see pub beer gardens packed out, as life really does feel like it’s starting to return to normal.

When the Government first announced it’s roadmap out of lockdown, I thought it was actually leading us down a dead end.

It was great to hear pubs could re-open, but if they were only going to serve April…?

I must admit I had visions of people huddling for warmth around a Zippo lighter as the rain poured down on hardy pub-goers, turning beer gardens into water features.

But, as it turned out, the timing could not have been better for our hard-pressed publicans and restaurant owners. After a year of misery and bad luck, at last there was a slice of good fortune, as re-opening coincided with a period of warm, dry weather that shows little sign of ending any time soon.

And it was brilliant to get out and see so many people supporting these local businesses again.

Even better, was the fact that – with a few exceptions – most people have been sensible and well behaved as the bars started pulling pints again.

Police say they had no major incidents to deal with on the first weekend of pubs being opened and managers have won praise for the way they handled the huge number of people wanting to enjoy their first pint.

The only downside of the great weather is the grass needs cutting yet again. Oh well, I’ll add that to my list…