More sad news for cancer-hit Ilkeston couple

More sad news for cancer-hit Ilkeston couple

Tuesday, 10th November 2015, 7:00 am
Jamie and Lisa pictured after their wedding on Friday.

Jamie, 30, from Cotmanhay, was forced to decide whether to undergo the second operation after doctors told him last month that the cancer had returned.

Earlier this year he had Hipec treatment at Christie Hospital in Manchester. It involve chemotherapy being delivered directly to cancer cells in the abdomen.

He made a good recovery and went back to work as a manager at Tesco and married girlfriend Lisa at Ilkeston Town Hall in August

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However a few weeks ago he was told the devastating news that the cancer had spread to his stomach.

He was left with the option of doing nothing or having more surgery.

His wife, Lisa, said: “Jamie went in for the operation on Friday. However we didn’t get the news we wanted - the cancer had spread to his pelvis, colon, bladder and side the surgeon removed 80 per cent of the cancer but has left 20 per cent inside.

“Jamie now has got to recover from the operation before he starts chemotherapy again which will hopefully shrink the remaining cancer. “Words cannot describe how we are all feeling at the minute we just can’t believe it we are all totally devastated.”

Jamie was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer in June 2014.

He was then approved for the Hipec treatment, at Christie Hospital in Manchester, one of only two places in the country that carry out the operation.

He and his family had researched Hipec and this led to his consultant putting his name forward for the treatment.

Despite bowel cancer being rare in people so young, following his diagnosis, Jamie was told he could have had it as long as seven years.

He then underwent surgery to remove a quarter of his bowel. During the surgery it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his stomach wall and was spreading to multiple areas. He then had months of chemotherapy.