Moo Bar bouncer 'did not see punch connect with Chris Henchliffe'

The trial is being heard at Nottingham Crown Court.
The trial is being heard at Nottingham Crown Court.

A doorman who was working at the time former soldier Chris Henchliffe was allegedly assaulted has told a jury he did not see who carried out the suspected attack.

Benjamin Edwards, 22, is on trial charged with the manslaughter of 26-year-old Mr Henchliffe, who died in hospital nine days after an incident outside the Pomegranate Theatre in Corporation Street, Chesterfield, during the early hours of July 3 last year.

Chris Henchliffe. Picture submitted by family.

Chris Henchliffe. Picture submitted by family.

According to the prosecution, Edwards punched Mr Henchliffe in 'an act of aggression'.

Edwards, of Fieldview Place, Chesterfield, denies manslaughter and argues he acted 'in reasonable defence of another person', Nottingham Crown Court heard on Monday.

Today, John Barker, who was working as a doorman at Moo Bar in Corporation Street at around 4am on July 3, said he did not see what happened in the run-up to Mr Henchliffe ending up on the floor.

He told the court: "Someone ran and hit Chris Henchliffe - it was one blow.

"I wouldn't know the lad (the attacker) if I saw him."

Mr Barker, who called the ambulance service, described the scene in Corporation Street at that time as 'mayhem'.

Cross-examining, defence solicitor Adrian Langdale said to Mr Barker: "You can't say that the punch landed?"

Mr Barker replied: "I suppose not.

"Anything before him hitting the floor is a blur."

Prosecutor Andrew Vout added: "Did you see the punch connect (with Mr Henchliffe)?"

Mr Barker said: "No."

Edwards is due to give evidence tomorrow.

The trial continues.

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