MEN: How much do you do at Christmas?

Lazy dads are on the naughty list this Christmas - after a new survey showed they leave a lot of the hard work to the women in their lives.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 2:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:57 pm

The survey of British mums by shopping site found they get little festive help from their husbands and boyfriends.

Almost three quarters of dads, 73 per cent, don’t even bother to buy their own parents a present, instead trusting their wife or girlfriend to do it for them.

But more than a fifth of men, 22 per cent, do roll up their sleeves to help cooking the Christmas dinner with only 15 per cent doing it alone.

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It’s a similar picture for many other key Christmas tasks with the mums surveyed painting a picture of a nation of lazy Bah Humbug men.

Seven in ten mums get the big food shop in alone while just over a quarter, 26 per cent, get help from their partners.

Only a tiny number of dads, four per cent, bother with the food shop but almost a fifth, 18 per cent, get the drinks in and do a booze run.

Dad’s favourite festive chore seems to be picking and collecting the Christmas tree, as 34 per cent of women said that this was a job solely for their other halves.

But it appears that Dads tend to make their excuses when it comes to tinsel and baubles, as only a tiny three per cent bother to decorate the tree once it’s home.

More than two thirds of mums, 67 per cent, decorate their trees alone while three in ten make it a joint task with their partners.

When it comes to getting the presents to place beneath it mum comes out on top again, as more than three quarters, 76 per cent, buy their kids presents and even more, 82 per cent, wrap them.

Most dads don’t find out what ‘they’ have bought for their children until Christmas morning as less than a quarter play any part at all in buying the presents.

Just 24 per cent of dads shop with their other halves for the kids presents – and the number of dads buying kids gifts without any input at all from mum is less than one per cent.

But a massive 76 per cent of mums said they got the kids presents all by themselves – meaning a lot of dads are surprised on Christmas morning.

Wrapping the pressies is a massively female dominated task too with more than eight in ten, 82 per cent, of mums doing it alone.

One in six couples wrap the gifts together while hardly any dads do it on their own – just three per cent of those asked.

Only one in five couples choose their in laws a gift together, while almost three quarters of mums, 72 per cent. buy her partner’s parents a gift without his input.

A spokesman from said: “Christmas is our favourite time of the year but it can be stressful for families.

“We wanted to investigate exactly how couples divide the workload and our survey revealed that Mum is definitely the Queen of Christmas.

“The majority of mums tackle the essential Christmas chores and prep alone, such as shopping, wrapping, baking and decorating.

“The data shows mums to be master gift-buyers and wrappers, and it even reveals that almost three quarters of mums buy their in-laws gifts.

“We’re sure dads are very handy to have around over the festive season, but our survey offers a resounding conclusion that mums are the star of the show when it comes to Christmas.”