Maths and English matters

You don't have to be an accountant or a journalist for good maths and English skills to matter. They are vital skills for life and for work. Some of the reasons why we all need to make sure our maths and English skills are of a good standard might surprise you.

Did you know that if you you have good English and maths skills your earning potential increases? There
are studies which highlight that people with higher levels of literacy and numeracy enjoy better health and have a longer life expectancy.

More often than not employers ask for at least a grade C or the new level 4 GCSE or above. The same 
grades are needed to make you eligible for many courses. Achieving these standards gives you more choice and opens up a world of opportunities in life and in your career.

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The fact that the Government introduced the need for school leavers who don’t achieve these grades to re-sit their exams highlights that they have recognised the importance and the impact they have for society. It’s a controversial decision but one that is grounded in good intentions.

As a college we are at the forefront of the mission to improve English and maths skills of school leavers and adults who want, or need, to revisit their qualifications in these areas.

There could be many reasons why people need to improve their maths and English skills. I hear people tell me that they just didn’t get it the first time around or realise why it was important.

Coming to college often gives people a renewed focus and a different style of support which works for them.

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Making study relevant to the specific career they are interested in also helps. Using maths and English every day alongside a subject you are interested in gives you a focus and appeals to people who are practical learners.

It’s never too late to improve English and maths skills. There is always a way and it always makes a difference.