'˜Lucky' Chesterfield pensioner Danny marks 100th birthday milestone

A Chesterfield man celebrating his 100th birthday has attributed his long and happy life to wolfing down his five a day and staying active- along with a little help from '˜the luck of the Irish'.

Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 1:06 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 2:07 pm
Daniel Vaughan who has just celebrated his 100th birthday.
Daniel Vaughan who has just celebrated his 100th birthday.

Danny Vaughan, who was born in County Cork, Ireland in 1918, marked his centenarian milestone on Tuesday, September 18 after ‘partying all weekend’ with friends and family.

Health-conscious Danny puts down reaching a ripe old age to ‘eating plenty of vegetables’ and getting some exercise in- and enjoys reminding his grandchildren that ‘hard work never killed anyone’.

In his younger years, Danny enjoyed growing his own veggies at his allotment- including his personal favourite and perhaps the secret to long life, spring cabbage.

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The pensioner was also partial to a gamble and says the luck of the Irish blessed him with a special knack for always picking the winning horse.

Celebrating his 99th birthday at Doncaster Racecourse last year, Danny ‘amazed’ other punters by selecting the winning horse in the final race.

Now Danny can be found taking a turn on the dominoes in his spare time, but back in the day he often triumphed at games of Toss a Penny and cards ‘while enjoying a pint of Mansfield bitter’.

The Irish lottery ticket Danny received as a birthday gift was certainly a stroke of luck- he picked four winning numbers and bagged himself 61 euros.